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Partner with HeyDeveloper

Interested in teaming up with us?
Let’s meet and discuss whether we can start a partnership

We will help you recruit the best software developers

Backoffice Partner

Back offices services

Need support during your recruitment process?
Our recruiters and back office will partner up with you to fill the needed work and to streamline recruitment processes. Think about arranging skypes, booking flights, organizing relocation, etc. 

Integrate and use our platform to find software developers

Supplier Partner

Supplier of software developers

A lot of secondment companies has got their own network of clients and the clients are asking for software developers. If the client demand for software developers can not be filled, we are able to bring you in contact with skilled developers who are open for a new challenge.

We recruit suitable & available developers and you remain in control when it comes to contact with your client. 

Leadgeneration for secondment and recruitment agencies

Sales Partner

Leadgeneration services

Every week we approach CTO’s, HR-managers and recruiters by e-mail with matched profiles of developers. Our mission is to help the searching company as good as possible. You as a partner could extend our service by taking the lead and help the company finding and placing a software developer.

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