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We will help you recruit some of the best software developers

Finding the right candidate can be a difficult and time consuming process. To help CTO’s and the HR department we invest in expanding our network of sofware developers, software engineers, devops, testers, etc.

The platform for CTO’s, recruiters & HR managers

Browse, search and contact different candidates. Would you like to target one specific developer or would you like to contact a group of developers? We help you to get in touch with matching candidates.


We extend, maintain and make our network available to help recruiters & CTO’s strengthen their development department. Our network consists of software developers, software engineers, programmers, devops, testers, etc. All candidates are EU-citizens or candidates with a work permit.

Profile information

We make finding the right candidate easy. Search for different skills, level of education or other criteria and contact candidates.


Our backoffice service will help you to set up campaigns, send mailings, plan skypes,  arrange flights, organise meetings and help you with housing. All of these services are possible.  

First Job Interview

Found an interesting profile? Let’s plan a first job interview to get to know the candidate. We will help you to set up the (video) call. If there is a match, let’s talk about the next steps.

Let’s meet

Before hiring a candidate it can be a good idea to organize a personal meeting. Set up a meeting at your office and meet potential employees. Need help to organise this meeting (flight, hotel, guidance)? Please let us know.


Found a match and need help with the relocation/ finding housing? Do it yourself or use our backoffice services.

Companies we help to recruit top applicants

Receive matching profiles of software developers by mail


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